Klimt02(Interview-Youjin Um)
Klimt02 Interview to member Jewelers

1. What's local and universal in your artistic work?

- My work is sterling silver as the main material, sawing as the main technique, the purely handmade jewelry and objects by my own representing hope as a result of repetitive life actions through the process of patience and effort.

2. What do you expect when you show your work to the public (for example, with an exhibition)?

- My work is based on my childhood purely. I created a virtual space with hexagonal structures that provide regularity and stability, and worked on the works with significance in the pursuit of stability and happiness that modern people want with a sense of insecurity.
I hope to see happiness by changing the perspective of looking for new self and seeing through my work.

3. How important is the handmade for you in your development? What role does technics and
technology play in your development?

- Each piece of work reveals the artist's original sensibility. I think the work of human sensitivity so far is superior to the sophistication of the machine. My work can be seen in particular as an example. Peoples thought it was a machine-made finished product, but they look closely and notice it. Of course, viewers find something more special than the accuracy of the machine that cannot be expressed in words.
I'm holding on to my analog sensibility and forming the maniac.

4. When you start making a new piece what is your process? How much of it is a pre formulated plan and how much do you let the material spontaneity lead you?

- My work changes in appearance, but not in the nature or style of the material. I'm so insistent that wants not to lose its innocence that feels so visual. My work begins with various developments in the structural form of hexagonal, and I draw with Rhino 3D to produce a schematic diagram to identify the virtual feeling of real life by modeling. Subsequent work on craftsmanship is carried out using silver plates. Some people say to use the convenience of 3D work, but the only pleasure is to work with its own, as if I love the sawing technique and build my own house.

5. Are there any other areas besides the jewels present in your work?

- I'm working on two categories, from Jewelry to large-scale object pieces, based on structural forms such as buildings and bridges. The funny thing is that more and more viewers order to set up the pin-back. My ideas will continue to evolve.

6. How important is wearability in contemporary jewelry? And in your pieces?

- In fact, I am not confident about this question.
My work, as you can see, is in the form of a building or architecture-like miniature.
I really want you to let me be free of my original form.
However, if the viewer wants it and orders a function, anything is possible. It's also interesting to see structural variations when given functions.
I don't want to stereotype my work. So I always get a thrill!
And most of all, I think it is necessary to calculate the weight all the time to reduce discomfort in wearing.

7. The last work, book, film, city that moved me was?

- I like Anish Kapoor's minimal and structural object the most. His work, which is enormous, always evokes me thirst and desire for it. If I have a chance, I'd like to visit the museum in its possession.

- I like Hermann Hesse's "Demian" the most. Abraxas, who appears there, is also my symbolic guardian. The time of destruction and suffering is mediated through work . It is my small but great ambition to feel.

- My favorite movie is "Cinema Paradiso (1988)".
   When Toto, a movie director and a respectable adult, faces  young Toto in the film, the emotion still remains in my heart

- I am very interested in architecture, especially patterned structures. I haven't been there yet, but I really want to see the highest peak of Islamic architecture, the panoramic view of the Alhambra Palace. Just as my work, each space, contains a spirit of stability and happiness, the shamanistic meaning expressed inside the structure also expresses dreams and hopes.

8. What/who is the biggest influence in your career?

- Actually, I want to let you know my precious friend who reached out when I was at the bottom, but I want to tell you about Charon Kransen , a world-famous Jeweler and director who showed my work in earnest and was very lucky to show me my work around the world. He taught me good instructions when I was lazy and trying to hide. Thankful to him.

9. Which piece or job gave you more satisfaction?

- I am most satisfied with the present work of creating a structural space for inner stories, and I think happiness is the way the craftsman works.
Among the works, "Hexagonal Object I" is a representative work of mine that recalls a colorful image of the playground in front of the church as a child.

10. What is your source to get information?

11. Considering the experiences you have had over the years - if you could go back and give yourself a piece of advice for the start-up phase, what would that be?

- It's important to keep up with the work in a very thorough way, but it's also important to show and open yourself whenever the opportunity comes. I showed my work late for various reasons and circumstances, but I don't think the timing is very important. I think the opportunity comes anytime, anywhere. If you don't give up your work, it will become good chance.

12. Can you describe your personality in 3 words, describe your work in 3 words?

- I'm naive, extremely sentimental, and sometimes terribly obsessive.
Therefore, my work is pure white, and the exact design and complex structure is visually pleasing to the viewer.

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