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[전시소식] Tincal lab Challenge 2019: Jewelry and Anatomy

With the main objective to show the quality and diversity of contemporary jewelry, opening its doors to the general public, Tincal lab invites every year jewellers from around the world for a Challenge: the creation of up to 3 pieces with the maximum price of 100€ each, inspired by a theme. In 2019, the 5th edition of this initiative suggests a reflection on the theme “Jewelry and Anatomy” and brings to Porto more than 100 pieces from almost 60 artists from nearly 30 different countries, created exclusively for this event.

Artist list
Melis Agabigum, Andrea Alonso, Arina Antonova, Luz Arias, Ana Azevedo, Fernanda Barba, Miruna Belicovici, Maria Benedita, Julie Bégin, CELIS, Mercedes Castro Corbat, Nuala Clooney, Rachael Colley, Cleopatra Cosulet, Jesse Daniel Bert, Teresa Dantas, Amanda Denison, Hilde Dramstad, Sofia Eriksson, Esteban Erosky, María Eugenia Ramos, Garradas, Tatum Gentry, Nik Hanton, Lisi Hilario, Paula Isola, Marilyn Koch, Maria Koutmani, Ariel Lavian, Nina Lima, Sille Luiga, Anne Luz Castellanos, Majowski, Daniela Malev, Manufacturas Auténticas Xan, Beatrice Marini, Minna Markkanen, Rita Martínez, Veronica Meruzzi, Minicyn, PaDeDo, Vera Pinto, Mária Roskó, Valeria Rossini, Daniela Schwarz, Elizabeth Shaw, Egle Silko, Lotta Snijder, Mai Solorzano, Rodger Stevens, Nóra Tengely, Youjin Um, Eva Van Kempen, Joana Varela, Sandrine Vieira, WEK, Anna Watson, Moritz von Coellen

The opening of this amazing collective exhibition of unique characteristics will be at Tincal lab, shop 25 of Centro Commercial Bombarda, on the date of Simultaneous Openings at Porto Art District: 9th of November and it can be visited until the end of 2019.

On the opening date, the catalogue of this edition will be released and the winner of the Jury Selection Award will be announced. The public will also have the opportunity to choose their favourite artists, in person or through online voting until the end of the year. The 3 artists will have the opportunity to exhibit at Tincal lab over the following year.
This initiative aims to inspire artists and raise public awareness by allowing jewelry to leave its more conventional commercial circuit while making its artistic side more accessible - also from a monetary point of view.

In this exhibition, artists use anatomy as a source of inspiration, question the relationship between jewelry and body, explore colors, textures, shapes and materials, present provocations, test physical boundaries and stimulate sensations through unique objects that are more than jewels, but also reflections, stories, works of art.

9 November, Saturday, 4 - 8 pm.  

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