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[전시소식] Selected Artists and Award Winners at JOYA Barcelona Art Jewellery Fair 2020

Youjin Um
Brooch: Prismoid I, 2016
Sterling silver
4.2 x 3.7 x 2 cm
From series: Hexagonal Prismoid
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Object: Division IV, 2018
Sterling silver, Nickel silver
From series: Division
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Selected Artists and Award Winners at JOYA Barcelona Art Jewellery Fair 2020

Exhibition /  Joya2020  Collecting  Curating  OnSale /  19 Sep 2020 -  29 Nov 2020

JOYA Barcelona Art Jewellery & Objects is the main art jewellery and author objects fair in Spain. Gathering a great number of independent artists as well as related organizations, schools and other entities. JOYA, in its 12th edition, will be focused on New Technologies and Crafts.
[Artist list]
Maria Blondet, Ana Calbucci, Suyu Chen, Youngji Chi, Jeemie Jamie Chung, Sabina Dragusanu, Elizabeth Drude, Eva Fortuño, Els Gadeyne, Oscar Galea, Jolanta Gazda, Hoon A Goh, Michael Hofmeyer, Malgorzata Kalinska, Tetyana Kalyuzhna, Lily Kanellopoulou, Iro Kaskani, Olga Kazakova, Namkyung Lee, Kayla Lim, Lindsay Macdonald, Isabelle Mackay Sim, Rita Martínez, Micaela Mornaghi, Margo Nelissen, Carla Nuis, Weinan Pan, Liana Pattihis, Konstanze Prechtl, Paola Pérez, Lauriane Semat, Vlastimil Senkyr, Youjin Um, Yasmin Vinograd, Carmen Vivanco, Ana Viñuela, Molly Wang, Femke Woltering, Dongyi Wu, Mengju Wu, Elli Xippa

The transition to incorporating new technology into the craft isn’t always easy, but we can't deny that new technologies are stepping in the art jewellery field, and unlike some artists may think its time to embrace this opportunity to create something new and develop new business in other craft fields.

There is a lot of information and point of views about new technologies in art jewellery, during the 12th edition of JOYA Barcelona, we invite you to be part of this debate. As technology meets traditional craftsmanship in various fields, artists question how and where the thin line should be drawn for appropriate uses of these new ways of doing traditional work.

The obvious social stigma is that tools of technology are not tools of creativity.
/ Edward Loedding

Award Winners: •Lily Kanellopoulou (JOYA 2019).
•Carla Nuis (Herbert Hoffman 2020).
•Micaela Mornaghi (Talente 2020).
•Vlastimil Senkyr (Talente 2020).
•Isabelle Mackay-Sim (Talente 2020).
•Eva Fortuño Escriche (Enjoia't Student Winner 2019).

Jury Members 2020 Edition: •Dr. Roberta Bernabei is Chief Editor of the Journal of Jewellery Research.
•Paul Derrez, Gallerist and Collector.
•Ruudt Peters, jewellery Artist.
•Gabriela Izquierdo, Fashion Project Manager.
•Lily Kanellopoulou, jewellery Artist.
•Piotr Rybaczek, Founder and owner of La Basílica Galería.
•Paulo Ribeiro - Director JOYA Barcelona Art Jewelery & Objects.

JOYA is a platform that during these twelve years has served as a space for interaction, debate and meeting point of art jewellery sector in Spain, artists and galleries, private collectors and cultural elite, with a complete program of events, exhibitions, conferences and with the support of important publications and media on and offline.


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